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Economic Development:

  • Northeast Louisiana has the resources and potential to be the envy of our state from an economic growth perspective.
  • We must first begin doing a much better job in Baton Rouge in securing meaningful funding and support to achieve our full potential as a region.
  • Education, workforce development and a strategic, focused plan for growth must all come together to transform our area economy to improve our agriculture, technology, healthcare and business climate for the good of all.
  • We can and will attract jobs and manufacturing to our area by harnessing the collective power of our delegation.


  • We must recognize our area and our people will continue to be vulnerable to flooding when we have excessive rains. Few who live in our area are immune to this reality. Our rural and low income areas are often the hardest hit.
  • Just keeping our ditches free of leaves and hoping for the best is not a plan. Flood mitigation must be a priority and it must happen quickly.
  • Our area must work together to expedite and secure much-needed state and federal funding to alleviate current and future flooding.


  • Improving our area’s roads and bridges is a safety and economic development issue. Our school buses, law enforcement agencies, businesses and citizens rely on our infrastructure every day.
  • Louisiana is far behind in funding it’s roads and bridges, but money does exist. Our district deserves to get its fair share each year.
  • Funding for new and existing projects will be critical to our ability to grow and attract businesses to north Louisiana.


  • Actual crime, and the perception of crime, are concerns that affect every citizen in Ouachita parish. A much more aggressive approach is needed to achieve comprehensive public safety.
  • Regardless of where they live, our citizens have the right to feel safe in their homes and businesses and on their streets. They must be confident that their law enforcement agencies are fully staffed and equipped to make a difference when it comes to reducing criminal activity, and that they are doing everything they can to consistently and proactively create a safe environment.
  • I commit to working closely with all of our law enforcement agencies to understand their needs and to work collaboratively with city and community leaders to make sure they are funded and staffed properly to provide modern, effective protection and responsiveness.

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